2009 Quarter 2


This is a short summary of activities within the ACP during the months April-June 2009.

The 2009 ACP Executive Committee comprises the following people:

  • Barry O'Sullivan - President
  • Jimmy H.M. Lee - Secretary
  • Thomas Schiex - Treasurer
  • Pedro Meseguer - Conference Coordinator

  • Christian Bessiere

  • John Hooker
  • Karen Petrie
  • Christian Schulte
  • Peter Stuckey
  • Michael Trick
  • Roland Yap
  1. Reminder: No EC Elections this Year

As set out in the new by-laws there will be no new election for EC members in 2009. This is because 2009 is the final year in the transition to an Executive Committee composed of members soley elected by the membership of the association. You will recall that under the old bylaws the Program and Conference Chair of the CP conference became members of the EC in the year following the conference. This is no longer the case.

In 2010 we will transition to an Executive Committee comprising of seven elected members. That committee will be as follows (listed in alphabetical order, with elected terms beside each name): - John Hooker (2009-2012) - Pedro Meseguer (2007-2010) - Barry O'Sullivan (2009-2012) - Karen Petrie (2009-2010) - Thomas Schiex (2007-2010) - Peter Stuckey (2009-2012) - Roland Yap (2009-2010)

Those whose terms will end include (in alphabetical order):: - Christian Bessiere - Jimmy H.M. Lee - Christian Schulte - Michael Trick

  1. ACP Research Excellence Award 2009

This year a strong field of nominees was received for the ACP Research Excellence Award. The EC formed a committee, chaired by Barry O'Sullivan, comprising Pascal Van Hentenryck, Rina Dechter, Peter Stuckey and Jimmy Lee. The committee recommended that this year's award go to Professor Alan Mackworth of the University of British Colombia, Canada. We're delighted to report that Alan will attend CP-2009 to accept the award and deliver an acceptance talk.

  1. ACP Doctoral Research Award 2009

This year's committee responsible for selecting the winning candidate for this award is chaired by Mike Trick. Members from the general community are recruited to serve as reviewers and make recommendations on the overall winner. This committee is currently working on selecting a winner from the very strong field of nominees we have received.

  1. New Award: the ACP Outstanding Service Award

The ACP Executive Committee is pleased to announce the introduction of a new award, the ACP Outstanding Service Award. This award is to be given to an individual who has made significant contributions to the ACP community in a service capacity. The inaugural award will be in 2010. Like the two existing awards, nominations will be sought from the community and a final selection made by an inclusive committee. Further details will be made available at the CP General Assembly this year. The establishment of this award was well received at last year's assembly.

It is the intention of the EC to propose to the community that the Research Excellence Award be given on a two year cycle, with the Outstanding Service Award being offered also on a two year basis, in the years that the Research Excellence Award is not offered. We hope that the community will accept this proposal at this year's General Assembly.

  1. CP Conferences in 2011

The ACP-EC is delighted to announce that CP-2011 will be held in Perugia in Italy. The Conference Chair will be Stefano Bistarelli. The Programme Chair for CP-2011 will be announced shortly.

  1. CP Conference in 2012

The EC would like to strongly encourage a bid from North America to host CP 2012. The last time the conference was held in North America was 2007 (Providence, Rhode Island). While the call for bids will not be formally circulated until later this year, we would encourage any potential bidders to contact a member of the EC at any time.

  1. ACP Summer School 2009

The ACP Summer School 2009 was held at the Cork Constraint Computation Centre in June 2009, chaired by Barry O'Sullivan. The summer school was well attended with students. The ACP would like to thank Ken Brown, James Little, Barry O'Sullivan, Igor Razgon and Helmut Simonis for their tutorials. Details of the tutorials and the student talks can be found at:


  1. ACP Industry Advisory Board

The ACP-EC is working on the establishment of an Industry Advisory Board. Interested industry-based members of the community are encouraged to contact Barry O'Sullivan - b.osullivan@4c.ucc.ie - who will be contacting potential members once this initiative formally begins. We have not made much progress on this since the last newsletter, but we will progress the issue before CP.

  1. ACP CP Standardisation Initiative

The CP standardisation effort is underway. Narendra Jussien and Jacob Feldman are leading this initiative. This is intended to be an inclusive process where the input of the entire community is being sought and encouraged. Please visit the CP standardisation web-site and contribute to the debate there - http://www.cpstandards.org

We are hoping that it will be possible to schedule an open meeting for this initiative at CP this year.