The 19th International Conference on
Principles and Practice of
Constraint Programming
Uppsala, Sweden
September 16-20, 2013

Workshop "CP Solvers: Modeling, Applications, Integration, and Standardization"

To be held at the 19th International Conference on the Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming ( in Uppsala, Sweden on Monday September 16, 2013.

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Objectives and Scope
The objective of this workshop is to get an industrial overview of currently available CP solvers and their use in real-world applications. The focus of the workshop will be not on implementation but rather on modeling, applications, integration, and standardization. Such an overview will fill a gap in the program of recent CP conferences and will allow CP developers and researchers to share the most recent experience of the actual use of different CP-based tools.

We invite authors of all commercial and open source CP solvers to submit their presentations that should include (but not be limited to) the following topics:

  • Demonstration of modeling facilities using a commonly known problem from the CSPLib
  • Implementation programming languages and why they were selected
  • Covered variable types, global constraints, and search algorithms
  • Integration with LP/MIP/SAT tools
  • Integration with business rules, predictive analytics, and other decision making techniques
  • Real-world use: positive and negative experience
  • Standardization and future plans.

Attention of Constraint Solver Developers. We plan to create and to maintain (!) an industrial overview of all supported constraint solvers currently available to business application developers. You may look at the initial design of the Constraint Solvers Catalogue. If you are an author of a CP solver, we ask you to visit this website and interactively fill out a profile of your product to be included in this catalogue even if you do not plan to submit a presentation or to attend the workshop. A similar Catalogue of LP/MIP tools has been also added. We expect that these catalogues will be completed before the start of the conference and continue to be maintained by the product authors afterwards.

We also welcome application developers and researchers who use different CP tools and who are willing to share their practical experience.

A special focus will be on CP standardization efforts including:

  • Development of CP APIs for different programming environments
  • CP XML for interchange of constraint satisfaction/optimization problems
  • CP design patterns
  • Libraries of commonly used constraints
  • Collections of constraint satisfaction and optimization problems.

An expert panel discussion will be held at the end of this one-day workshop.

We hope that the workshop will help to improve communication between different CP vendors, between solver developers and their users, and will ultimately encourage a wider use of CP technology as a key component of the modern decision making applications.

Target Audience

  • Developers and users of different CP solvers
  • Business application developers who want to incorporate CP-based tools into their decision support systems
  • CP researchers.

Important Dates

  • Sunday, June 30 Presentation title and abstract submission
  • Tuesday, July 16 Acceptance notification
  • Friday, August 23 Complete presentation submission
  • Monday, September 16 Workshop

Organizing Committee

• Jacob Feldman, OpenRules, Monroe, NJ, USA
• Helmut Simonis, 4C, Cork, Ireland
• Hakan Kjellerstrand, Independent Researcher, Malmo, Sweden

All abstracts and presentations must be submitted in PDF format using EasyChair. All accepted presentations will be made publicly available of the workshop’s website. At least one author of any accepted presentation must attend the event. An accepted presentation will be withdrawn if no such participation is secured with the payment of the workshop dues.