Success stories

In this section, the ACP collects success stories of using constraint based technology. We aim to make these stories appeal to a wide audience, so they are written for a general audience.
This section was started in September 2015. We will update it regularly, so make sure to come back regularly!
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From dreams to reality


You need to buy a new car and want to try out configurations to know what can be done or is affordable? It is now possible if your car dealer uses the SAP S/4HANA tool.

A CP solver designs a self-assembling protein

The Ika4 protein (PDB 6g6q)

Designing a stable and self-assembling protein requires to organize thousands of atoms in a favorable configuration in space.

Outperforming state-of-the-art compilers in Unison


Do you want to improve the quality of your code? Unison is a code generator for compilers with a radically new approach. Unison rethinks code generation using combinatorial optimization techniques. Unison is available on Github and is integrated with the regular LLVM toolchain.

CP Has Landed on the Comet

Philae Instruments, image copyright ESA/AOES Medialab

On June 13th 2015, the robot-lab Philae woke up on the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko to resume a series of experiments interrupted seven months ago. These experiments were scheduled using Constraint Programming, and researchers of the team ROC of the LAAS-CNRS lab developed propagation algorithms to help the Scientific Operations and Navigation Centre (SONC) to efficiently achieve this task.
Gilles Simonin, Christian Artigues, Emmanuel Hebrard, Pierre Lopez and Pauline Ballereau, of the Operations Research & Constraints group (ROC).