Volume 10, Number 1, April 2014

Constraint Programming News


Guido Tack, Pedro Meseguer, Pierre Schaus, Roland Yap


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    <h2><a name="editorial"><b>Editorial</b></a></h2>

This is the second issue of CP News for 2014.

As always, we have the latest updates from the ACP Executive Committee. There are a few close deadlines in the report, such as May 12 for proposing tutorials for CP 2014, May 18 for community input to the new Strategic Committee, and May 25 for applications to this year's summer school.

One item we would like to emphasise in particular is the upcoming election to the ACP Executive Committee. Details can be found in the call for nominations.

Another thing we'd like to advertise here is the new ACP YouTube Channel. As mentioned in the ACP EC report, you can find many of the plenary talks from CP 2013 there.

Finally, this newsletter contains the second article in our series on classic papers with impact.

Now that the paper deadline for CP has passed (and reviewing is almost done), we hope that you enjoy this update. If you would like to contribute to the next edition of the newsletter, please let us know!

    <h2><a name="news"><b>NEWS</b></a></h2>

Here are the topics from the Q1 2014 ACP Executive Committee Report, available at

  • ACP.1: ACP Summer School 2014
  • ACP.2: An Update on CP 2014
  • ACP.3: Elections for Executive Committee Members: Call for Nominations
  • ACP.4: ACP Doctoral Research Award: Call for Nominations
  • ACP.5: ACP Distinguished Service Award: Call for Nominations
  • ACP.6: Call for Bids for the Hosting of CP 2015 and CP 2016
  • ACP.7: YouTube Channel of the ACP
  • ACP.8: Decisions by the ACP-EC
  • ACP.9: ACP Committee for Strategic Planning: Call for Community Input
     <h2><a name="classicpaper"><b>CLASSIC PAPERS</b></a></h2>

The second article in this series has been contributed by Gilles Pesant. He writes about the early days of our field, and how it was introduced to a broader audience by Jacques Cohen in Communications of the ACM. Thanks so much, Gilles, for this contribution!

In case you missed the previous article, be sure to head over to our archive and read it now!

     <h2><a name="misc"><b>OTHER NEWS</b></a></h2>

Have a look at our publications section for the latest articles in the Constraints journal, and find career news and events in their corresponding sections.